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July 30, 2019
3 ways businesses can up their Instagram game

As a brand development studio, we aim to build a strong foundation for every company we work with. From their brand story to logo design, we are right there creating assets and experiences that will help our clients communicate effectively to their audience – like we did for our two latest clients, Casana and Plant Intention. 
But what happens after all our work is done? How can these brands build upon the foundation we’ve created and engage with their community? Queue our friend and foe, Instagram. Even though this platform is constantly changing and evolving, there are consistent, effective ways to use it that can strengthen your brand and build a following.
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1. Show your work // 
People who follow you want to see your work. This will look different for every company – some sell products, others sell a service or experience. However, the principle remains the same: give people an inside look into the new products you’re releasing, projects you’re working on, or daily happenings at the office. If someone is following your brand, it’s because they have an interest in who you are and what you do. Give them the inside scoop they’re looking for and let them come behind the curtain. Here are some practical ways to do that:
Share photos of your process: these don’t have to be perfectly curated and edited – use the story feature on Instagram for an unfiltered look into your process.
Create video tutorials for your products: this is a great way to show people how to best use your products.
Show off customers who use your product and/or service:  This can easily be done by reposting photos that feature your work or product.
Take time to do live videos: engaging with your followers and answer the questions they have about who you are and what you do will give them the feeling of an insider – and who doesn’t love that? 

2. Highlight your location & culture // 
We all know that people eat with their eyes first. Do you have a cool location? A great office, restaurant, cafe or building? SHOW IT OFF! Digital Content can be the first interaction someone has with your brand. Try your best to give them a similar experience as someone who enters in-person. If someone can imagine themself in your space, the chances of them making a trip to see you are high. Here are some practical ways to do that:
Share photos of your space: the architecture, furniture, products on display, the food and beverages [if that’s your thing] and even the music you play throughout the day. 
Show off your culture: If your office isn’t open to the public [and even if it is] highlight team members, meetings in the office, team events and outings, and any quirky things you find yourself laughing at on a daily basis. This gives both prospective customers and employees a look into the culture you have, bringing the right people to your doorstep.

3. Use photography as an extension of your brand identity //
As a brand development studio, we spend most of our days creating, designing and strategizing for various brands. When we design a Brand Identity, we are creating more than just a logo. We’re writing the story, researching and selecting color, fine tuning typography, creating symbols, and setting guidelines for photography. The way businesses should approach these visually focused social outlets, has everything to do with photography. The photos you post are an extension of your brand. When someone views a photo you’ve shared, they should identify it as one of yours before reading where it came from. Here are some ways to maintain consistent photography that represents your brand:
Use a consistent editing style [or filter]: is your brand light and airy? Dark and Moody? Warm? Cool? Whatever it is, find an editing style that matches and stick to it.
Have someone in charge of curating the content you will be posting: Ideally, have that person shooting and editing the photos as well.
Plan your feed: This may sound excessive, but laying out future posts from a visual standpoint will keep your content consistent and further enforce the visual style of your brand.
Have fun! Instagram is an amazing tool to showcase your business with – always remember to have fun with it!

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