Plant Intention

Feed Your Future.

Plant Intention is a whole food bar crafted entirely with organic super foods and plant-based ingredients for a nutritional bite with novel flavor. An everyday source of wellness, Plant Intention offers ingredients to help elevate the mind and promote a balanced lifestyle with a philosophy centered on planting intention for optimized well-being. As a London-based startup product, helium was approached to create the brand story, naming, concept, messaging, and design material.




We flew to London to meet the mindfully-driven, motivational entrepreneur behind Plant Intention, Francesca Davie. With a goal of launching in the UK and US we did extensive market research to understand the competitor space. Davie's personal story, philosophy and teachings became a large source of inspiration for the brand story, which was largely based around intentional living and the Law of Attraction. We tapped into the spirit of her concept to mold a brand that spoke deeply to her customer.

mood board

The overall mood and inspiration for Plant Intention is derived from attention to minimalism and typographic contrast. A modern use of black and white allows for clear communication free from association, while bold typographic systems offer a playful take on an otherwise stark visual palette.



The Plant Intention logo is a modern typographic mark that implies the beginning of a dialogue about ones own intentions. A mark that represents more than a brand, but also an action. This logo is simple in its aesthetic, but powerful in presence.

main + supporting colors

The Plant Intention color palette speaks to the company focus on minimalism. Stark black and white are accented with a vibrant yellow, evoking a sense of inspiration or manifestation.


Bold typographic elements are used throughout the brand to further the identity system.



Graphic elements are used to further the brand identification and help to visually communicate it. These items can be used sparingly so as not to overwhelm or clutter a composition.

Feed Your Future.
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