We drool over brand. From initial internal chatter about a concept, to obsessing over inspiration images, discovering the identity, the mood, tone, feeling. Building logos that embody the brand, words that speak the language, then crafting it to bleed seamlessly across various platforms. Watching that little seed grow into something powerful, something inspiring. But most importantly, a brand that is solid and effective. It’s the stage from which all other materials perform on. Website, brochures, apps, print material. Without a defined brand, a definitive brand strategy, all that other stuff lacks soul. Because your brand is the core, the foundation of everything else. It’s what we love.

supporting services

The team at helium creative takes pride in having the ability to offer a multitude of services that cover all bases, making us the one stop shop for any marketing + branding + mobile + web services. With arms in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Philadelphia, helium creative has the resources to ensure your success.

helium creative is renowned for our strategic thinking, creativity and expert media relations along with superior client service and an innovative approach to practicing public relations and integrated marketing. helium’s goal is to ignite change, developing partnerships that build successful brands.

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