Packaging Image
A good brochure can communicate in volumes to your audience. helium aims to incorporate a strong design sense with effective visual communication to bring an aesthetically desirable and strategically developed brochure which speaks to your brand and targeted audience and reaches the goals. Whether it be simple tri-folds or extensive presentations, helium will create a practical, original brochure design that will artfully represent your brand.
Letterheads and business cards and envelopes OH MY! Yes, dear readers, these are the materials that are going to represent your brand to the masses. Your business card, for example, is like the initial handshake between you and a potential client. Your business collateral can be the single most important piece to the puzzle, but is often times not given the attention and consideration that is deserved. helium takes the time and attention needed to fully develop your identity. From paper samples to color swatches, we take the steps to ensure branded material that will not only stand out but entice your audience to see what else you have to offer.
Stationery Package
helium loves to wrap up your product in a fancy design. Plus we can’t help but get a little excited at seeing it all come together on a three dimensional surface. We make sure to look at every angle when designing a package, effectively utilizing each side to maximize overall impact and maintain a strong brand identity while standing out amongst competitors. We look at packaging like a great coat – it can make or break the outfit – and helium always likes to dress in style!