Esto es Ana’s House.

Casana is a taste of the authentic – authentic flavor, service and heritage. A café where the Cuban experience is felt in every Cortadito. helium was approached to develop the brand story, name, identity, brand statements, values, initial design and marketing collateral. We had no idea what a heartfelt Discovery Session would be had as we made our way to Key West to meet with the team and begin the development process.




We explored the competition, environment and product. We immersed ourselves in Key West culture, Cuban heritage and lots of coffee. We sat with the guys behind Casana to learn their story, passion, and ultimately their big WHY. From both an intuitive and strategic process we gather the emotion, spirit, and essence of the company in order to craft their brand. Through the storytelling and discovery process we learned how Ana, the original shop owner, worked to create a Cuban coffeehouse that made customers feel part of her family. Ana’s sons have taken over the business, but we wanted to honor her legacy, energy and spirit.

mood board

The mood board reflects elements of character, worn or lived-in materials/aesthetics, imagery that is timeless, rough around the edges and expertly composed with intention.



The Casana logo communicates heritage, quality, and spirit with a genuine sense of personality. This logo is simple in its aesthetic, but powerful in presence.

main + supporting colors

The Casana color palette is composed of colorful, yet muted and subdued hues. A sophisticated palette to communicate Casana’s heritage and Cuban spirit.



The additional collateral developed was intended to communicate Cuban culture in a timeless, yet forward-thinking design. A feeling of home, family and quality.

Esto es Ana’s House.
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