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A Discovery of our Discovery Sessions

Although our creative studio is well known in the real estate development and hospitality space, you might be surprised to read we’ve worked on branding projects in a wide array of industries. Like that time we re-branded a manufacturer of industrial safety accessories [a.k.a goggles, gloves, and safety vests]. Random, right? Shout out to our awarding-winning brand, Ironwear.

We’ve also worked on personal brands – that is building a brand for an entrepreneur, a coach in this case, with a very niche target audience [the award-winning brand for Katie Sandler].

The key that has given us the flexibility to effectively brand any business is our tried and tested Discovery Session process. For us, this is stage one. We don’t jump into brand messaging or brand design without first taking our clients through a discovery phase, which is exciting and enlightening for both us and them

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