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April 17, 2013
ten questions to ask yourself when considering rebranding

A brand is the foundation of your company. A clear message, timeless design and well constructed identity are essential to any corporate growth. Establishing the right brand can take time — and quite possibly a few sleepless nights with the occasional Ben & Jerry’s session.  We prefer the latter.  With a few Iced Venti Double shot Latte’s thrown in the mix.  A solid and well executed brand should withstand the test of time, well equipped for battle against over stylized typographic trends and needless photoshop effects that plague markets today.
With that said, however, companies can grow or evolve in such a manner that may require a reevaluation of their current branding.  Objectives might shift, focus may need to change, or quite simply it may just be time for a minor facelift.  No judgements here! Take Pepsi for example, their brand and packaging has changed several times over the last century as illustrated in the below image, and each time the company asked themselves a set of questions which probably included many of the below reasons:
1.    Why are we rebranding?
2.    What problem are we looking to solve?
3.    Has our consumer demographic shifted?
4.    Does our current brand tell the wrong story?
5.    What do we want to convey and to whom is this message directed towards?
6.    Is our brand associated with something that is no longer meaningful?
7.    Is the goal of this rebrand a stepping stone or a milestone [eg. 50th anniversary]
8.    What will our brand’s position be in 5, 10, 15 years after this rebrand?
9.    Have we assigned a committee to manage this project or have we chosen no more than two focused and inspired people to lead?
10.  If we were starting our business today would this be the brand solution we came up with?
The ideal situation is to have an identity that can withstand the test of time. Get it right the first time and allow the brand to evolve with the company. A full rebranding is the red button that you should only have to press if absolutely necessary.  Consumers know you by your logo, your messaging, the full identity that is being presented. Right down to your office decor, staff, presentations and the delivery of materials. We believe in the importance of details when creating a fully developed brand, as well as the strength of consistency when communicating an identity.  So where change can be a great thing, it should only be implemented when necessary and done by the experts. And by experts, of course we mean helium creative!