Have you ever had that moment when you are looking for a new restaurant to try, or when you are pretty much just starving to death but cannot think of a place you want to go to and end up ordering a pizza with everything on it and feeling really bad about it after? [yes we are aware that was a long run-on sentence]. You probably go to Yelp or Urbanspoon or a similar app, but once you get there you don’t know where to go. Do you want Chinese food? No it’s full of MSG. Are you feeling for Italian, or maybe you’d like to try that new French place that will probably bankrupt you? No rent is due in a few days.
Don’t worry because [without sounding like a cliché] there’s an app for that! Enter “Ness”. Ness recommends restaurants based on the kinds of foods you like and your location. It works like Pandora does for music, learning your likes and dislikes and suggests new places that you will love.
Here’s some info taken from their iTunes page:
Ness instantly recommends restaurants based on the kinds of places you like, what you’re in the mood for, and where you are. Just like you discover music with Pandora or movies with Netflix, Ness learns your tastes as you rate, save and dismiss restaurants, then finds new places you’ll love. An Apple “App Store Best of 2012”, and powered by over 4,000,000 ratings from Ness users, Ness is the fastest way to get restaurant recommendations for you, not the crowd.
What makes Ness different:
Get immediate recommendations based on the kinds of places you like, what you’re in the mood for, and where you are
Ness learns what you like ­– and what you don’t ­– to recommend the best restaurants for you
Easily adjust What, When, and Where to find the right place for any situation
Swipeable recommendation cards give you a quick sense for each restaurant
Go check it out here, we did, and we found some really cool restaurants near the helium creative offices in Ft. Lauderdale! We won’t share them though, go find your own with Ness!