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February 12, 2013
building a brand

So if you know helium, then you know our favorite aspect of design is building a brand.  From the early stages of conceptualizing the identity of a company, to the ongoing process of establishing an effective way to communicate their brand message. The reward is watching life breathed into what was once just an idea.
Ecosimplista and Alternative Constructors are two companies that needed to visually connect their identities, as they work hand in hand with each other and are under the same ownership.  helium was approached to take on the identity and marketing for Ecosimplista, a company providing eco friendly and health conscious products for commercial or residential properties — from concrete countertops to non-toxic paints.  Alternative Constructors is a creative contractor, coined “raw craftsman”, who are at the forefront of concrete manufacturing.  They create custom countertops, floors, sinks and finishes out of sustainable materials.
Our goal was to visually marry these two companies while still giving them each their own identity. Due to the creative and organic nature behind the work, we wanted to keep the brands loose and natural to reflect their artistic, eco-friendly language. Hand-drawn typography lent itself well within this context, representing the organic and artistic while balanced by more structured elements to counter the overall fluidity.
With the addition of raw textures and materials to round the overall aesthetic, we will be unveiling the complete identity for these brands in an upcoming announcement.