We often get asked how to kick start an effective social media presence after going through a rebrand or when launching a new brand. Social media marketing is an important component of the overall brand providing an avenue to share your brand culture and engage with potential clients.
Checkout out these tips on how to get your social media game on!

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If you’re starting a brand new social media account, go ahead and make about 9-12 posts that showcase a variety of the content you’ll be posting. After you post that big batch, you should do at least 1 post a day and try to follow about 50 accounts a day to start getting engagement.
If you’re keeping an existing social media account but planning to post using the new brand look, follow the same steps above and make sure to add a post about how you’ve transitioned to a new look.
Tip: Use apps like Planoly or Later to automize your posting schedule.
Hashtags make your posts searchable. Make sure to research hashtags that apply to your line of work [you can do this directly in Instagram], choose the ones with the most usage, and post them along with your caption.

On both Instagram + Facebook, you can publish behind the scenes or short snippets that might not be post-perfect using the Go Live and Stories feature. These features have gained popularity as they show an unfiltered look into how your brand works on a day-to-day basis.BE CURRENT
Whether it’s National Ice Cream Day or there’s a major sporting event, take advantage of what’s going on in the world to catch the eye of your followers. Post content that’s current and use hashtags so you can be part of the conversation.
Now that you have a beautiful brand, make sure to showcase it to it’s best potential. Cohesion is key. Use your brand fonts, colors, and photography guidelines to publish images that all represent your brand.
Tip: Pick 1 or 2 photo filters and stick to only those.
Social media platforms now have integrated analytics with useful follower data. Watch out for trends in your user engagement and cater to them by posting at certain peak times or post more of your most popular content.
Now that you have a following, get to know them. Reply to those who comment on your posts. Ask them questions. Go to their profiles to like and comment on their posts. The social aspect of social media is still the most important factor.
Give these social media tips a try and let us know how they work for you! And follow us on instagram or facebook @heliumcreative!