When we approach branding, we’re thinking of the big picture. Often times we get calls or emails asking for us to work on a logo, a packaging design or a website. Although great opportunities, for us it’s important to work on a brand as a whole. Could we do just a logo, design a single product label or develop a stand-alone website? Of course! But how would we be benefiting a brand by jumping in to design a piece of the puzzle that might or might not fit in with the rest of the brand?
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A brand is similar to a network of connecting neural pathways – a seamless system that works as a whole accomplishing a goal, but when broken down each piece plays an important part. In the case of brands, the system works toward the goal creating brand awareness and brand enthusiasts. The most engaged brand enthusiasts will purchase what you have to offer and it is brand awareness that will keep new enthusiasts coming so you can grow. A kink in the system and the neural pathways suddenly stop communicating. It is the same with brands, a disconnected brand creates confusion, which leads to distrust, which leads to less customer engagement.
Cohesion is King. One of the #1 rules of branding [or maybe the only rule] is to stay cohesive with every piece of your brand. That means your printed items, online presence, in-person interactions are all one unified front communicating the same message, look, and feel.
This goes back to the idea of keeping an eye on the big picture – do the business cards your sales agents hand out match your website, the content on your social media platforms or your brochures? Is the messaging your team uses to communicate with potential clients in-line with your target market?
If you answered no, then it’s time to reconsider the state of your brand. Is it strong enough to be memorable? Can it stand tall next to your biggest competitors? Do you feel your true brand values are being represented?
This is what we do every day. We evaluate your brand and make sure it’s ready to take on your industry. We look at all the nooks and crannies of your big picture to make sure your brand has a solid foundation that will enable you to build a successful business.
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