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Not all papers are the same.
First things first. Paper selection is key when it comes to printing. After coming up with the concept for a printed piece, the next step is to rifle through a half dozen paper swatch books. Graphic Design can be enhanced or limited by paper textures, colors or finishes. It’s important to choose the right paper for the right project.

Off to the presses.
Paper is chosen. Design is approved. Now what? To find out what happens after the digital file is sent to the printer, we had the honor and pleasure of touring the printing facilities of one of our favorite printers in the Nation – Southeastern. We’ve been so lucky to continuously partner with them to create award-winning printed pieces.

Making cool things out of paper.
So much of the printing process is testing until perfection. As we walked through Southeastern, we saw each step of the production process for one of our recent brochure projects.
From making a custom sheet out of 2 paper stocks, seeing how metal printing plates were made, color correcting on the press, constructing wooden dies to make the custom-shaped folder, the foil stamping process – everything is calculated to the most minute detail.

The entire team at Southeastern is incredible! And we have to give a big shout out to Dave Peter and Lisa Ogden for being our printing reps extraordinaire who take our crazy ideas and make them come true. 💙

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