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It all starts with a whole lotta pulp.
As you walk into the Mohawk paper mill in upstate New York, one of the first things you see is this 20-foot diagram of the paper making process. Maybe if you studied it for 20 minutes you could get an idea of how it works, but that diagram doesn’t really do it justice when you’re standing next to century-old machines doing their thing. The paper making process is where science meets artistry.

If clouds were made of paper.
Before paper, there’s pulp: billions of woven tree fibers. Pulp gets thrown into a giant blender [scientific term], mixed with water, and then passed through really old – and really cool – steamrollers that accelerate the water evaporation process.

The creative side of paper.
After our mill tour, we stopped by Mohawk headquarters to have a chat with VP Creative Director, Chris Harrold. His passion for paper was inspiring! He even gave an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming Mohawk Maker’s issue.

We could not have experienced this AMAZING tour without our top-notch paper reps. Thank you Marc Zitron from Mohawk and Zarie Lorow from Mac Paper for making our paper dreams come true. You guys make our world go round!

our paper journey continues // part 2
From the paper making process to the world of printing, stay tuned for our next blog post that will highlight one of our printing projects as Southeastern brings it to life.

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