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10 Things You Didn’t Know About a Branding + Design Studio

[Good] design work takes MUCH longer than you think.
It always makes us laugh when we hear, “Oh, it shouldn’t take that long. It’s just swapping out a photo.” It is never just swapping out a photo. Add to that, staring at the photo for a good minute to see if it works within the layout, moving it to the right, moving it to the left, zooming in and out until it looks perfect. Now multiply that process by everything.

When you see a design you resonate with and makes you smile, to get to that point, hours [sometimes days or months] have been poured into every single detail. Because graphic designers, are artists.

Designers are artists. And all those artist clichés are real.
Artists are geniuses trapped in the confines of the world we live in. Artists live through their work. All this applies to creatives and designers as well. We need a muse, inspiration. We need motivation. And we need space to stir up the crazy before coming up with good work.

A good brand story is the best inspiration we can get.
Often times our favorite branding marketing projects are those we get to develop from scratch. When a client comes into the studio and all they have is a really, really juicy story of why they founded the business – that’s all we need to unleash our creativity and imagination.

Every brand has a story and recent generations have proven to buy with their hearts first. Gone are the days of building a business just to become a zillionaire. Nowadays, creative studios need to know what’s your story so we can build a brand around it.

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