One of the key components to a successful brand development project is a company’s website. It represents the brand in the digital space and these days it seems like people spend more time online than in the real world. A website is often the first impression you make with a potential client. And as we all know, you need to make a great first impression. One that makes an impact, accurately reflecting your brand and compelling the visitor to investigate more or even better, make contact.
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When clients come to us for brand development we often recommend they invest in a teaser website. A site representative of their new brand direction, one that communicates an accurate brand story + begins to create the overall brand experience we’re working towards.
After deciding on a brand direction, a teaser website can be developed rather quickly, while a full website usually takes months. It can be as simple as sending us a phrase or your mission to get the ball rolling and we’ll create the remainder of the story. With minimal collateral a company can begin communicating their brand story/message online. An outdated website representing a business will result in mixed messages in the initial re-branding phase. Or if they’re new to the marketplace, they may have no online presence at all. That’s like not existing in today’s world and may end up costing the company clients.
A business wanting to target a new audience can start speaking to their desired market with an on-brand teaser website. An off-brand site will continue to attract the clientele they are trying to avoid and possibly repel those they wish to communicate with. Communicating the wrong message online is like wearing jeans to a job interview. We all know that person is not getting the job, even in oh-so-casual Florida. The right image is vital to getting off on the right foot. Only then can you walk together towards building a relationship and creating that one-of-a-kind experience.
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The teaser site sets the tone of the brand + drives the design for the full website. Imagery + copy will be repurposed to maintain consistent messaging. Investing in a teaser website is like putting a deposit and getting actual product instead of having to wait for the fully finished product. A client also has a visual representation of what their brand looks + sounds like. Learning to speak their new brand language and selecting imagery for content marketing + social media is a vital component in a successful brand/product launch.
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Business relationships are like dating, and we all know that a bit of intrigue keeps your potential romantic partner interested. You notice they’re checking out your Facebook page, sending a random text here and there, wondering when you’re seeing each other again. The teaser site is that little bit of mystery that will eventually reveal the whole enchilada. In the interim people will check back every so often to see if more content has been added; if the full site, the full story is available. And that’s when you know they’re hooked. 😉
The teaser site gives us time to gather + create the assets for the full website while maintaining a consistent brand image. Once we have the assets, we develop the sitemap, wireframe, home page, inner page, and finally the complete website, which then goes to programming and internal testing. When the site passes our QC, we send the client a test link for final approval. The client visits the site, checking all the links and animations. Once they approve the site, it goes live, smoothly transitioning from teaser site to full website. And most importantly, maintains a consistent + impactful brand experience.
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