We recently shared about the process of creating the brand for Backpacks.com.
It is absolutely no secret that we fell in love with this project from the get-go. Now that the site is live and ready for your shopping pleasure [seriously, get out your credit card – so worth it], we are doing a little Part Deux and walking through the design process of the Backpacks.com website. We set out to create an online experience for a company with plans to dominate the backpack category space. Oh, and they are doing just that.
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When shopping for a bag, the primary motivator is an actual functional need. Whether it’s a way to carry a laptop, school supplies or hiking gear – our approach to categorize the backpacks by lifestyle set the tone for a focused + seamless online shopping experience. Active, Outdoor, Fashion, Everyday, Business, and Student categories became opportunities to offer color identifiers to the brand experience. An easy way for the shopper to immediately identify what they’re looking for.
Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.47.21 PM
Colors were selected based on their category relation. Business, for example, is a rich blue to convey trust and professionalism. Active is red, vibrant, and heated. Outdoor is a deep forest green. The color tonality remains rich to compliment a sophisticated brand while communicating an exciting journey.
Our primary objective was to set the bar for online backpack retailers, ensuring backpacks.com owns the space. Custom lifestyle photography is woven throughout to support the brand story, look and feel. Product imagery is unobtrusively dispersed to promote sales without overwhelming the customer. We subtly showcase featured backpack brands through photography, hover options, and specific brand pages as well.
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The Life Journey concept is the foundation of the Backpacks.com brand. A video produced by our partners, The Guild 5 Forty Five, opens the website communicating the story of the unique lifestyle of different life travelers – hikers, businessmen, parents, children, teenagers, skateboarders, surfers. In the end, they are a large market sect with one common thread – they each have the perfect backpack for their lifestyle.
We are thrilled to introduce you to the e-commerce website of Backpacks.com!
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