When helium approaches a branding project we think about every aspect of the brand from identity to language to website design to marketing collateral + digital marketing. An all encompassing plan creating a cohesive image and consistent message, resulting in an impactful brand experience.
Every so often, when we meet a client for a discovery session we already have initial designs completed to show our perspective of the brand. What we think would best represent the client and resonate with their audience.
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Each project is different, a blank canvas from which we create a tailored brand + beautiful marketing collateral.
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In the super competitive South Florida luxury real estate market it’s essential to create an immersive experience so people can distinguish one project from the next and visualize themselves living in your property and not the one next door or in the next city. After the brand identity + positioning is solidified, we recommend creating a cohesive digital + print marketing campaign. Launching a teaser campaign with a print brochure, print ads, website, and depending on the industry, billboards, introduces the brand to the marketplace. The full marketing campaign tells the complete lifestyle story, from the property and its amenities to location details so people can easily imagine their future home. A digital marketing campaign with email marketing, banner ads, SEO, PPC [pay per click] ads and retargeting ads [you know, the creepy online ads that know what shoes you were just checking out] supports the brand messaging in the online space.
For luxury real estate, a multi-sensory sales center experience with renderings, a scale model, signage, interior design and possibly the aroma of freshly baked cookies, brings the brand experience to life.   We love curating every detail in the design process, it’s like making dreams a reality.
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For The Ocean Resort Residences | Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach we created a robust website with an interactive floorplan section, supporting landing pages, advertising campaigns with print + digital ads, email marketing, a 40-page sales brochure, promotional material, and exterior and interior signage.
We also worked with The Ocean sales team to launch a targeted marketing campaign for buyers on the west coast of Florida that included 2 rounds of direct mail pieces, email marketing, and an online landing page, myweekendresidence.com. Consistency across all platforms was the key to the campaign’s success.
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Now we know you may be overwhelmed, but relax, like we said, every project is different and in line with our client’s goals and budget. We’re here to help! Tell us your story and we’ll bring it to life.
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