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An Inside Look Into Our Naming Process

As an award-winning branding agency, we are often approached to develop a brand from scratch. Sometimes, all clients have is a passionate idea and a general direction on where they want to head towards. Or, there are clients who have done some of the legwork, but have a name + logo they’re not in love with and doesn’t reach the standard they want to achieve.

We love all our projects, but getting to work on a brand from the first step – the name – makes us all kinds of happy. Naming a product or brand is an interesting process. With the limited amount of available domains and overwhelming amount of existing companies in the world, you really have to get creative to find a unique name. And creative is what we like to be.

Of course, many will say: “Well, Google isn’t a word. Just make it up.” Yes, there are very famous brand names that are made up, but they are the result of dozens of hours of brainstorming, brand research, and brand strategy during their corporate branding process. And it’s this process of brand brainstorming that fills our creative glasses with creative juices.

Now – let’s break down how the helium team comes up with a really cool name.

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