There are times when one of us, and this seriously happens to every single person on our creative studio, there are times when one of us is handed a business card, a brochure, a fill-in-the-blank something-or-other and it’s like a pause button is pressed. We could be in the middle of a conversation and pick up a menu, and in that moment the tactile connection of skin to paper can ignite a special momentary lustful experience that leaves the other person, the innocent bystander at the other end of this hypothetical conversation, to wonder what the hell is going on. Because there I am [Ryan] – or Kelly, or Chris, or Enid – menu in hand, mid-conversation, gently caressing the paper with a romantic, slightly creepy caress. A sliver of drool falls from the corner of my mouth, eyes are a distant spiral. Ah, yes, the love of paper. A designer and their play things.

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We get loads of awesome paper sample books from various vendors, courtesy of our favorite paper rep and paper doll, Zarie Lorow, from Mac Papers [she’s the best!]. We’ve got metal baskets filled with Mohawk, Neenah, Mac, French, the list goes on. Paper books are an awesome resource not only for paper selections when we have print projects, but also design inspiration.

Mohawk puts out their impeccably designed MAKER magazine, which utilizes the most current paper samples and printing techniques. It takes will power and desk shackles to keep us from running to our clients screaming, “LET”S DO THIS!” And even then, even then we gnaw off our own ankle to break free! As a design agency in Fort Lauderdale, it’s so important to get inspiration from work across the nation. You know – thing outside of the Florida bubble.

With new paper textures, colors and weights released each year, the list of opportunities runneth over. In our digital world, it’s refreshing to receive tangible marketing and branded materials that can easily make a huge impact. Intricate brochures, stationery, direct mail, magazines – whatever the project, the right paper selection will absolutely further communicate the brand experience.
Check out some of our favorite client pieces where we were able to play with some great paper options.

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