A few weeks ago the helium team jumped on a flight to Chris’ hometown – Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Home of the Amish and the capital of the United States for 1 day [there’s a fun history fact for you], over the course of Easter weekend, helium creative painted the town blue. 💙

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Bright and early Thursday morning we took at 6am flight into Baltimore and then drove through the most amazing open fields, farms, and green hills on our way to downtown Lancaster – our new home for the next 5 days.

The feel of downtown Lancaster is indescribable. A mixture of really – REALLY – nice people and urban coolness you would associate with a city like Portland or Seattle. Our inspiration buckets were overflowing. Every corner brought inspiration from older city elements as well as modern storefronts + store signage. Basically, every corner was a photo opportunity.

The small business industry is admirable in Lancaster. There’s a true love for supporting the under dog and the under dog is mighty + proud. Great branding and design elements are sprinkled throughout the streets leaving you with the feeling you’ve been transported into the mind of a really talented artist who created this magical imaginary city.

Drive only 10 minutes out of downtown and you’ll find a different kind of beauty. Silence. Endless horizons. Stillness. And nature.

We can’t write about Lancaster without writing about the culture. Everyone is SO nice! The kind of nice that makes you take a moment to think if you’re being nice enough back? Taking in all that Lancaster goodness had the helium team in even higher spirits than usual – and we’re usually a pretty chipper group! We spent some quality time eating to our heart’s content with Chris’ awesome family and we even had a haunted, nighttime Easter egg hunt. You know us, we’ll make anything creative.

Easter morning had an early morning wake-up call at 4am to make it to Bird-In-Hand for an awe-inspiring hot air balloon ride over the countryside.

After a long Easter weekend and one short nap – it was time to say good bye.

Until next time Lancaster, see you soon!

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