We have a serious love for all things print. Don’t get us wrong – digital design is great, but there’s just something about the tactile quality of print. The feel of the substrate, the finish, the depth and tone of color, the variety of print techniques from letterpress to foil and embossing makes us swoon! We are thrilled at the resurgence of print. Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and a plethora of letterpress and hand lettering images fill the feed – or at least our feed, lol. For many years digital design had taken over, but now our clients want truly special print marketing collateral, from business cards to oversized brochures that differentiate their brand in the marketplace.
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In fact, one of our most recent clients, Parmelee Key, contacted us because they were so impressed with the oversized print piece we designed for Bijou Bay Harbor. Of course, it depends on the target demographic, but everyone from millennials to baby boomers appreciate the tactile quality of beautiful print collateral. Print helps to create an immersive, compelling brand experience with 3-dimensional pieces that engage the senses.
We have created some truly beautiful, award-winning print collateral for our clients. A brochure we designed for EDSA printed on environmentally friendly paper incorporated special design treatments including side stitching to bind the brochure, clear foil on the topography lines, white foil on the cover copy, and an embossed logo. The objective was to create an impactful print promotional piece to showcase the company’s values, services, and project portfolio.
2016-04-26 16.24.24
2016-04-26 16.25.16
The oversized print brochure we created for Bijou Bay Harbor is a sophisticated piece that immerses the viewer in a luxurious paradise escape. A high-end residential real estate lifestyle project where residents indulge in Paradise Found, the brochure promotes a lifestyle that is better on the bay with calm waters at sunrise, paddle boarding to the sandbar, afternoon shopping at Bal Harbour Shops, dinner at The Palms, and relaxing on the rooftop lounge at sunset.
Something as simple as a promotional postcard can be a work of art while communicating the brand experience. The postcard we created for Biota Aquariums does just that. The rich, vibrant colors of marine life paired with the logo and mark speaks to the brand origins, sophistication, and actual product. We chose to highlight this postcard by using a thick, uncoated paper stock to represent the environmentally-friendly purpose behind the company and used neon pink on the edges to hint at the whimsicality of the brand.
2016-03-15 14.14.51
2016-03-15 14.13.43
A very unique and special project of ours was the wedding save-the-dates and invitations for soon-to-be newlyweds – and helium’s very own – Chris and Ryan. This completely custom and eclectic suite embodies the modern-rustic theme of the wedding: warm and contrasting creams and charcoals with a touch of copper, plus hand-drawn flourishes are a perfect match to the modern typography and tactile cotton paper. The little details and letterpress elements make this print project a studio favorite.
We absolutely believe in the power of expressive print collateral to create a 360 degree brand experience. It’s about the creation of a world people can envision themselves in. The visual and physical quality of print brings a real, almost human element to the brand solidifying the experience.
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