To commemorate Memorial Day 2016, the helium team planned a fun helium inspires art project with the students at Croissant Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale. Under the theme #heliumhonorsheroes, we created patriotic windsocks with Mrs. Kerr’s 3rd grade class. Spoiler alert: the windsocks came out AMAZING! Thanks to AC Moore for donating the supplies!
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helium inspires was created to give children access to the arts and inspire creativity. Our mission is to help kids realize it’s OK to play, to be different, and express yourself through art. Art outreach projects are vital to our community, because many public schools no longer have art programs.
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In case you didn’t know – spending your morning with a group of excited 3rd graders is AWESOME. We started the project with a brief conversation with the kids about exploring your artistic talents. When Chris asked the class how many of them wanted to be artists when they grew up, many eager hands shot up. When asked what kind of artist, we heard from singer to painter. The desire for art is out there, we just need to encourage it!
The kids were squirming in their seats to see what was in our goody bags and it was great to see their confused faces when we brought out the toilet paper rolls – the foundation to the windsocks. Wired ribbon, streamers, star-shaped stamps, and red, white + blue construction paper followed.
Then it was off to stamping, cutting, and designing!
Of course, the helium team was there to remind the kids there are no rules when comes to being creative.
It’s always amazing to see what the kids create. No two windsocks were alike – each super cool in their own way.
We’re committed to bringing art back into the classroom – one classroom at a time. Thanks to Croissant Elementary School, Mrs. Kerr, and AC Moore for allowing us to do what we love! Follow our helium inspires Facebook page here and share with us how you’ve inspired others!