Biota Aquariums is the only provider of a complete, sustainable saltwater aquarium ecosystem.
A passionate startup company, Biota came to helium for full brand development prior to product launch to ensure they were putting their best foot forward in a highly competitive landscape. We were excited to work with a passionate company whose underlying purpose is to share a lifelong love + fascination with the ocean and marine life.
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After our discovery session, the primary focus was to position Biota Aquariums and develop the brand story to best define the why, who, what and how of the company.
Biota Aquariums exists to cultivate a community in awe of the vibrant, enchanting saltwater world and to supply them with a living piece of the reef they can learn from, care for and share with others.
Biota Aquariums is an experiential brand rooted in marine biology. Biota is approachable and light hearted with a refined yet playful sensibility. Retail displays, packaging and an online experience will ignite curiosity, the desire to explore and the yearning to create an ocean environment to get lost in.
Their customer is broken down in three categories:
The child: Curious, excited, exploratory, imaginative [the easy target]
The adult-child: Motivated, engaged, imaginative, curious [our main man]
The adult: Professional, ritualistic, driven [the one we win over]
Biota’s aquariums provide an escape from the everyday world, a means to connect with your inner child through the creation and care for a saltwater ecosystem. The support of marine biologists gives people the rare opportunity to learn from experts who have accumulated a lifetime of expertise.
At its core, Biota is about instilling curiosity, excitement, perseverance, a sense of wonder, and appreciation. Nurturing these child-like qualities creates a magnetism that draws people to Biota Aquariums.
The discovery meeting also brought to light a few key points of focus that helped develop + position the Biota Aquariums brand.
The burning desire to learn, to understand how things work and how to apply that knowledge.
Careful consideration of the environment and the unwavering dedication to understanding how to care for our world.
Observing the world with all senses. To be completely awake. Living in the present moment, appreciating the simple pleasures and intricacies of that space in time with a childlike curiosity.
An additional supporting list of key terms helps define the brand.
Once the foundation was established, we crafted the Biota brand statements, finalized the story, refined the voice and coined the tagline, See Life In Color.
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The positioning statement defines what makes Biota unique in the industry and marketplace: For the curious nature lover, the young and the young at heart, Biota Aquariums offers an all-in-one saltwater aquarium package complete with sustainably raised tropical fish + coral. Created by marine biologists to simplify the care of a saltwater tank and inspire a new generation of marine enthusiasts.
Mission Statement: Conceived from a passion to share the ocean’s great beauty, born from the relentless pursuit to conserve its integrity, Biota Aquariums strives to provide fully sustainable aquatic environments that inspire awe to a new generation of marine enthusiasts.
A curated selection of images was then compiled to start bringing visual inspiration to the key terms,  brand story and concept. Images of vibrant marine life, abstract corals, and anemones paired with pictures of people coated in saturated colors communicate the idea of bringing the vitality of the ocean into everyday life. It’s about connecting the adult to the kid inside and conveying this excitement through the vivid, bold imagery. The idea that once a customer is captivated by a Biota Aquarium, they begin to live life in color. The saturation, awe and intrigue of the ocean inspires their everyday life.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.33.58 AM
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.34.12 AM
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.34.25 AM
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.25.18 AM
To further the connection and help the consumer visualize themselves owning a Biota Aquarium we selected imagery to show the ideal environment for the aquarium. Contemporary households, family living spaces, offices and children’s rooms are the perfect setting for a Biota Aquarium. Complimenting the design of the aquarium in its simplicity, open spaces allow for the aquatic scenery to be seen from all sides.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.07.05 AM
Next, the helium team brainstormed logos – and once the preliminary designs were finalized – the team selected their favorites to present to the client. A combination of two initial designs, the final Biota Aquariums logo gives a whimsical essence to the playful and mesmerizing brand. It ignites a vibrant curiosity and inspires people to explore the magical connection between themselves and the ocean.
With the mark, colors, imagery, statements and story finalized we created beautiful marketing collateral to communicate this amazing brand to consumers.
2016-03-15 14.13.43
2016-03-15 14.14.51
It has been great working with the Biota Aquariums team and we are thrilled to introduce their brand!
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