The music industry is always changing, adapting, and growing. Similar to design and fashion, music trends can sometimes last a few months, a few decades, or evolve into completely new genres that change the landscape of society. Through all this non-stop activity, musicians need to establish their own brand while also staying fresh with every album they release. Did you know most music artists and bands do a complete website development overhaul with each new album? It’s common for artists to match their online presence to the graphics chosen for the album. Imagine building a company and having to design a completely different-looking website for it every 1 or 2 years, always making sure the core brand foundation remains intact. It definitely takes a great brand strategy team and clear knowledge of your place in the industry to maintain a successful image.
Some musicians stand out from the pack with websites that are captivating, unique, and fresh. Check out our top 3 below, in no particular order.
Nothing But Thieves is an alternative rock brand from the U.K. and their site is pretty perfect. The single-page layout walks you through their music, touring dates, and merch store – all while pulling you in with amazing web animations and scrolling tricks. Their choice of Lato, a crisp and modern san serif font, paired with bold imagery makes this site easy to navigate and memorable.
Scottish electric band Chvrches [pronounced ‘churches’] is known for their catchy songs led by the hypnotic voice of their female vocalist. Dark themes are explored with upbeat rhythms to create a sweet + bold juxtaposition in their songs that matches the website. The landing page-style website design combines a single image of flowers for the background with color blocks that are either static design elements or take you to branded sub-pages. So simple, so good.
Indie duo She & Him is a great example of website imitates album. Using a simple color palette and triangles as inspiration, there’s no doubt they’re counting on visual continuity. Even their social media icons are branded!
sh_site sh_album
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Want to see more? Check out this little nugget we found. It’s called The DNA Project – a music experiment by music producer J.Viewz. The goal was to invite fans to be part of the song creation process. The idea is rad and so is the website: The animations blow us away and just the menu by itself is swoon-worthy.
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