The life expectancy of a trend is fairly simple to gauge.  When something new or popular hits the market, say bon voyage to your favorite pair of neon colored Ray Bans.  (side note: Hipsters be warned, this rant may hit near and dear).  Trends help shape style and culture, they all feed into one another until they simply become archaic. Then somehow enter “vintage” territory a few decades down the road and hit a whole new realm of trend.  We are a society based in pop culture wrapped in the irony that to reject that simple truth is somehow revolutionary, rebellious or – dare i say – edgy.  The greatest joke of all is that the rebels are just falling victim to yet another trend. Another stereotype. Another attitude based in today’s pop culture.  It’s the never ending hamster wheel of cool. I mean, WTF, right? LOL. OMG. Holler if you catch my drift. You dig it?
So how does that relate to helium creative? Why are you spending 5 minutes of your busy schedule reading this blog?
Design is tricky and slippery slope layered with fine lines that can so easily be crossed.  There are countless design trends that plague and pollute the world of advertising. From overly complex packaging to drop shadows, gradients, stylized fonts, colors, shapes, slangs. It is essential to know today’s market and language, but it is another to be married to it.  Whenever we are approached by a company to develop their brand, one of the most important questions we ask is, “How long do you want to be around?” A simple question that will ultimately shape our entire mindset.
If a client has plans to hit it big in a year and sell the company in 5 years, we know going in that we need to design for the times. Base our concepts, strategy and design solutions in today’s trends and where they might be a few years down the road.  Which is generally not far off. What is relevant for today’s consumer? What is the language of now? It may be hard to believe, but we were never really blessed with an innate inclination toward “cool”, so we have to constantly research.  Checking out websites, mobile apps, blogs and magazines play a role in remaining current.
So what if a client wants longevity with their brand? A logo that withstands the test of time. Design that surpasses “cool” and enters the realm of “ridiculously amazing.”  That kind of work leaves trends at the door. Anything that could possibly land the brand on a future episode of “I Love 2013”.  Stylized fonts can be the death of a design, along with photoshop effects and filters.  It’s imperative to know the classics and research brands that have made their mark without having to constantly reinvent.
It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of our ever evolving culture. helium likes to have a foot in both doors – knowing when to design for today while still maintaining a timeless, classic foundation.