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June 12, 2013
the creative process of: balafive



We are big time nerds and love to do strategic competitive research + analysis.  Google is our best friend. We come up with a list of keywords that will dictate the direction.
From sketching to ripping up magazines or taking photos. Once research is complete, we take our findings to the drawing board and go back to the hands on basics.
A concept comes to life once we digitalize our results. All of the pieces are joined together and lead us to the final product. Typography and graphics are finessed.
The Drawing Board
With BalaFive, we came up with 6 logos that spoke to the brand [with our clear favorite in mind, of course].  So we called in some willing participants to pick their favorite and give us feedback before presenting to the client.  In the end, BalaFive now has a killer name and logo.