I was extremely honored, and honestly a little teary eyed to learn that we have been selected the BEST advertising agency by NewTimes in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Things have really come full circle over the past 14 years.  Back then I was sitting in a coffee shop in Philadelphia, during a break from class looking for the start to my career. I got my big break with ZigZag and started prior to graduating.  Ironically I found their job posting in a publication very similar to NewTimes.
Fast forward four years and I am living in Fort Lauderdale working for an agency and looking for a way to follow my dream.  That dream, drive and passion to deliver something different, a [higher creative standard] brought us to where we are today. Although my name is mentioned in the article, my dream set the path, I cannot take all of the credit… Our success is a collective result of all of our hard work, amazing talent and determination to never settle.  Not to mention those behind the scenes who support us.  Preparing for our 10th year, I can say I am living my dream, doing what I love, surrounded by amazing talent and in the center of the best ARTS district.  Looking forward to where we all take helium from here.
Thanks everyone!
Chris Heller, [president] creative director
NewTimes Article –
Fort Lauderdale tends to get a bad rap for clinging to its old, sleepy boat-town mentality, despite being the largest city in Broward as well as one of the most promising waterfront metropolitan areas north of Miami Beach. That’s why when anyone decides to go against the norm and break the old mold a bit, we can’t help but get that warm, tingling feeling that makes us want to shout it to the whole world. Helium Creative in Fort Lauderdale‘s rising FAT Village arts district is the kind of out-of-the-box company that helps raise the bar for a city by providing an example of just how much better different can be, when it’s done right. A boutique-style advertising agency with an edge for web development and graphic design, Helium Creative has created innovative campaigns for a diverse range of clients — everyone from the W South Beach and Levinson Jewelers to Burger King and Pollo Tropical — all from its cozy, alternative office nestled among some of the area’s most exciting and creatively focused new businesses. Founder and creative director Christopher Heller’s roots are in Philadelphia, where he graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in graphic design, but since starting Helium Creative ten years ago, his heart and his thriving business belong to Fort Lauderdale. Helium Creative regularly opens its office space — an edgy, scaled-down version of something you might see in New York’s SoHo neighborhood — to the public during the monthly art walk; and Heller, an artist himself, continues to promotes the arts through his virtual/real-life gallery space, Project Fine Art.
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