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June 28, 2013
what’s a left-brainer to do when compelled to join the “dark side of the right brains”?

Should you find yourself in the unfamiliar position that I now find myself in – that of a spreadsheet-makin’, bean-countin’ left-brainer type who has been asked to write a blog (read: be creative) – what’s the best course of action?
Simple: fool around on Facebook, Mashable, Google anything that comes to mind, and drink lots of coffee.  Or is it that simple?
Let me tell you the story of today’s journey through the darkness and eventual emergence into the light of a somewhat printable and mildly amusing blog – if I do say so myself.
After several hours of distracting myself with project management tasks and office cleaning, hoping to stave off the inevitable (and dreaded, or so I hear) creative deadline, I received a notification from Facebook. Salvation! A high school chum who is now an adventure photographer had commented on my Facebook wallpaper photo.  She asked me to identify the location of the photo, which of course I could not, being the non-right-brain sort who has little to no interest in capturing life on glossy or matte paper with any sort of photographic apparatus.
I found it in Google images and thought it was pretty.
This welcome happenstance caused me to inadvertently create a moderately entertaining game whose roots can be found in the 1980s game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? The object of the game should be fairly obvious – guess the locale of your friends’ Facebook wallpaper, providing it is an actual place and not a picture of a friend’s mushy-faced newborn “spittling” on it’s Daddy’s shoulder.
Imagine the possibilities!  Finally. My chance to and make a name for myself (and bien sur, for my gracious new employers, helium creative*) with this heretofore “un-thought-of” new internet… thingy. How clever was I?
Not very, as it turns out.
Realizing I needed a fitting end to this blog and some sort of point, I started to seek out other paths of inspiration to help me bring it home.  As I do every morning, I opened up the helium creative Facebook page. There it was.
One of the Head Creatives had a post that contained a link, the domain name of which was none other than the aptly named Click on the link, and you may find that it makes my point for me.
Or I certainly hope it does so I don’t have to stretch my pathetically atrophied creative muscles and express it imaginatively via the written word.
It’s sort of like looking into a mirror looking into a mirror looking into a mirror looking into a mirror looking into a mirror…
– From the Left Brain of Jean M Mazza, the new helium creative “non-creative”
*Who have fearlessly plunged into the unknown and agreed to let the left-brain learn how to find her art.