Apart from developing really solid and successful brand foundations, a big part of our process is creating brand identities. ‘Brand identity’ is a fancy way of saying we design logos and define the brand colors, fonts + graphic elements that eventually become brand identifiers. We usually create anywhere between 3-7 logo concepts for the client to choose 1 final winner from, but every now and then we feel SO sad to let some go – never to be seen again.
So this week we’re raising the dead. We’re going back into the logo graveyard and featuring some of our favorite logos that never saw the light.
5 PARK is a fairly recent mix-development real estate project we started working on. Inspired by the 5 ‘lifestyles’ that are connected to the project and its proximity to prominent North Miami parks, we aimed to create a modern logo that served as a catalyst for the rest of the brand. So many to choose from – here are two that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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For Backpacks.com we went through two sets of logo designs as originally the company was going to be known as The Backpacks Company. Between the two rounds, below are some of our favorite sadly discarded logos.

Here’s a take on the Biota Aquariums logo inspired by ocean conservation.

Before plnthouse was plnthouse, we proposed naming the plant-based, fast-casual restaurant ‘Ingrain’. In the end, the folks at 1 Hotel and Matthew Kenney, who are spearheading the restaurant, decided to name the restaurant plnthouse, but by then we had this really cool, hand-lettered logo concept.

In the second round of logo design, now for the renamed plnthouse, we came up with these 2 buddies that also ended up on the chopping block.

We’re also resurrecting these logo concepts from 2-3 years ago for a construction client we had. Oldies, but goodies.

Sugar Cane Jamaica is a resort + residential development set in a prime location on the north shore of Jamaica. We not only developed their brand, but also their Investor Brochure. But, before we wrapped up the project, we went through the logo design process. Here’s 1 logo that was a close contender.

When we presented the Yacht Play identity concepts to our dear client, Kirsty Pollon, she requested to see them all side-by-side. It helped her visually sort them and choose a winner. But check out the others concepts – even she said it was a tough decision!

Do you see any logo favorites? Let us know which on instagram or facebook @heliumcreative!