Nobody can say helium can’t hold a secret. We’ve been bursting at the seams for months to tell you about one of our latest brand development projects and now – finally – we get to share it all!
Remember our Inspired Staycation at 1 Hotel South Beach back in October 2016? Well, that trip was inspired by the fact that we were brought on to brand from scratch a new plant-based, fast-casual café located inside the iconic 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach. The restaurant – developed by renowned plant-based chef Matthew Kenney – had our creative neurons bouncing in excitement to create a brand that was equal parts earthy and yummy.

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The plnthouse brand finds inspiration first and foremost from the name itself. With a name that stems from its core foundation as a plant-based restaurant, much inspiration is found in organic and natural elements used in the kitchen. From ingredients to artfully presented meals, a refined and creative style dictates the mood throughout the plnthouse brand experience.

To differentiate plnthouse from the existing and future competition, we established what makes the brand unique and defined its brand position:
Positioning //
For the wellness lover and the foodie at heart – plnthouse offers a feel-good, healthy fast-casual culinary experience overlooking the ocean waves and white sand beaches of South Beach.
The cuisine presents vibrant, nutrient rich options for guests looking to energize their mornings with breakfast bowls, smoothies, and finely crafted coffee. Lunch offerings include light, nourishing dishes that activate the palette to explore a unique variety of flavors.
With world leading plant-based chef Matthew Kenney at the helm, plnthouse is at home in 1 Hotel South Beach, fusing together two innovative brands that value wellness, sustainability and the mission to change the way we view healthy food.
Mission Statement //
A fresh perspective on wellness culture that connects people to a cutting-edge culinary experience where they can feel good, eat good and be in good company.
Brand Keywords //
Progressive and unique, offering a cutting-edge culinary experience
Great, quality ingredients meets a new perspective on wellness cuisine
100% plant-based dining
Dining experiences that delight, educate and inspire using all senses – from food to design, color to presentation, smell to taste
Experiences with other like-minded people in a community environment
An inspired dining experience enriched by a keen focus to detail, design, innovation and presentation
An easy, carefree pace where a customer feels comfortable and at ease
Bringing people together with plant-based food and a culture of wellness
Tagline //
Feel good, eat good, be in good company.
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The plnthouse logo is a clean, typographic mark. Linear cut-outs represent the organic, plant-inspired nature of the restaurant – acting as abstract roots or vines weaving through the name. Wrapping up the logo, an identifier “the good kitchen” was added in the main brand color.

The brand colors are inspired by the origins of plnthouse – the organic, natural world. Greens, gray, and white are the primary brand colors with shades of gray and neutral tones acting as a background palette in photography and other material.

Food portraits in monochromatic brand colors Lime, Olive, Gray + White are used to further brand recognition. The pattern used to create the cuts within the plnthouse logo is also used as an abstract, organic texture and a main brand identifier.

Then came the part we were most excited about, designing the restaurant deliverables. Take a look at how the brand all came together:

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