Out with the old, in with the new. Check out our new letterpress business cards! As a creative design studio, our first impression is crucial and that includes having some top-notch cards. We have to say – we went all out on them. Custom duplex paper stock creating an extra thick card, soft touch helium blue paper on one side, uncoated gray paper on the other side, blind letterpress, 2 types of foil treatment, custom shape – you name, we did it. And they look gorgeous.
round business cards
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The conversation about updating our business cards actually started a couple years ago, but in true creative agency fashion – we couldn’t come to a decision when it came to designing for ourselves. After a couple design rounds, back in April of 2017 we came to a decision. We were going all out and basically getting the business card of our dreams.
business card
business card
With a design in hand, we reached out to a letterpress shop to see if what we had dreamed up could be made. We let them lead with suggestions based on our wish list and they came back with paper samples that made us woo. Forget printing our colors on the paper – we opted to use paper stocks that already came colored directly from the paper mill. For the back of the card, we opted for a rich helium blue paper that already comes with the soft touch finish. It’s the ultimate velvety experience.
business card
business card
For the front of the card we chose a helium gray uncoated stock that looks and feels like pure cotton. Both of these stocks together make an ultra thick card – it’s actually 1/16 of an inch thick. That means you can barely bend the card, even if you try. If you look at the card from the side, you can literally see these two already thick paper stocks come together to make our dreams come true in a piece of paper.
business card
business card
Now, bring on the treatments. Seriously. Let’s break these down.
1] We have blue foil for the H icon on the back of the card.
2] Blind letterpress of the icon on the front of the card.
3] And all the text on both sides is white foil.
4] Top it all off with a custom die that makes our card little circles of perfection.
business card new
new business card
Result? A card we are absolutely, irrevocably, no doubted proud to hand out. Have I offered you my business card? That’s our new first line when you meet us.
helium business card
Thinking of branding a new venture or rebranding? Come meet us and get to feel these cards for yourself! Reach out to us here or find us on instagram or facebook @heliumcreative!