While our team can often be found behind a computer monitor [so fancy], we’ve all learned the best way to keep a creative mind from wilting is to not get lost behind that computer monitor. You know, like actually step away and do things that get the dusty brain churning again. Don’t get me wrong, we find a strange fulfillment from sitting at a computer all day, clicking away at awesome new work. But there is something to be said about that old expression saying, seize the day.
So here’s how the helium team get’s their carpe diem on.
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Christopher Heller, Creative Director / President
As a slightly obsessive part-time drone man, Chris can be seen all over with his drone control in hand. His love for drone photography and cool things that fly paved an inevitable passion for sky-high image taking. Check out some of his work.
Ryan Heller, Art Director
Maybe not all carpe diem moments are away from the computer. Ryan is a writer for his blog and select online publications. He candidly shares personal life experiences about ‘being human’, with a goal of making the uncomfortable comfortable. You’ll often find him in horribly postured positions typing at his computer in random places. Ryan self-published his first book, King Of Stars, available on his website.
Ryan-Heller King-of-Star
Enid Nolasco, Creative Manager
Enid is a very busy lady. When not making things run smoothly at helium, she orchestrates her own monthly community true storytelling show, RAW Storytelling. RAW allows guest storytellers to share a personal story based on the month’s theme. Already an anticipated event in South Florida, RAW inspires the community on a monthly basis.
Check out more about RAW at rawstorytelling.org
Kelly Gedvilas, Experience Designer
Kelly recently discovered a fascination with learning UX + UI design on her own. For her, the research behind a product and endless evolvement in a product’s system is very interesting. Something about having a more tangible reason as to why something looks the way it does vs. just designing to make stuff look pretty gets her all kinds of giddy.
Reading countless articles, learning new programs, and watching webinars has helped her not only appreciate this field in the design industry, but changed the way she thinks about the designs she creates and is currently work on.
Some books she recommends for those who want to change their design thinking: Change by Design by Tim Brown and The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman.
Amanda Camposano, Designer
Amanda’s carpe diem moment is whenever she gets home from a long day at work and she’s greeted with so much love + excitement by her dog, Joey Tribbiani. Just walking or running outside with Joey relieves her mind from all the over-accumulated ideas that are kept in there. [She says it’s like pressing the refresh button]. This is the time where she doesn’t feel the need of being a perfectionist or meeting a deadline.
Also, sometimes Amanda’s friends + family need some help with quick + small design work and she’s more than eager to help them.
Our carpe diem activities always somehow weave into helium life. Whether Chris is taking drone shots for a client project, Ryan copywriting for website or Enid using the inspiration from RAW Storytelling to inspire the helium team. It’s those carpe diem moments that keep us energized and fresh for the creative work we love to tackle for our clients.
What is your carpe diem? Let us know on our instagram or facebook @heliumcreative!