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A Recipe for a helium Holiday!

When we sat down to plan this year’s holiday card, it seems, we were really hungry. Actually, what are we thinking? We’re always hungry.

When early November came around we knew we had to start brainstorming on how to top the previous year’s holiday card. As Kelly, Enid, and Amanda started to throw out ideas, they always came back to one concept: family holiday traditions. It doesn’t come as a surprise that food is a big part of what we all look forward to during the holiday season. The idea of a tin jar with weathered recipe cards passed down from grandma is the visual Kelly, Enid, and Amanda presented to Chris and Ryan…over lunch.

During a #heliumteam lunch, at a yummy Greek restaurant across the street from our branding agency, we shared ideas on how to give recipe cards a modern holiday twist and how they could be presented in a USPS mail-friendly package. And so, our holiday card idea was born // a recipe for a helium holiday!

holiday card

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