December 8, 2016
helium inspires // a holiday-filled art project

This past Tuesday, the helium crew headed back to Croissant Park Elementary for a fun-filled holiday art project with not 1, not 2, but 3 [yes, three] groups of 2nd graders! That was a total of about 60 amazing kids that we got to do art with thanks to our non-profit helium inspires. In case you didn’t know, helium inspires mission is to promote and encourage art education for kids, allowing them to feel inspired while doing what they do best – be a kid.
Before we dive deep into crayons, markers, and construction paper – we have some news! We’ll soon have a brand new helium inspires’ website! Stay tuned for how you can be a part of our inspirational coin challenge, how to donate or sign up to volunteer for a future art project, or to nominate a school by following us on Instagram or Facebook to catch our big reveal.
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Ok – so back to the holiday-tastic art project.
It was important to bring art projects to the kids that was all-inclusive, regardless of what holiday tradition they celebrate at home. Going off a winter theme, we came up with the concept of snowman greeting cards made out of cotton balls. The kids would be able to take these cards home to their families with a heartwarming message inside.
We also added another component to the art project, which was having the kids hand-decorate paper ornaments we’ll include in our holiday helium creative cards sent out to clients and vendors. This year, our holiday card will be all about helium inspires and we saw no other way to better celebrate art in the community than included a kid-made ornament in each card.
And so we set forth to prepare the materials for the 2-in-1 holiday art project. 60+ paper bags filled with art goodies like cotton balls, cut out snowman noses + hats, and snowman arms.
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When we arrived at the school we were surprised to find out we’d been given the un-used art classroom. That’s right. There’s a classroom in the school that is made for art classes – with a closet full of random art supplies – that is being completely un-used. We were happy to bring the kids back into the art classroom for a little over an hour of pure fun and creativity.
We started off with the ornaments and the kids went wild! We saw ornaments decorated like flags, snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, a Minecraft-inspired one, and – a favorite for many – dot pattern ornaments in all colors possible.
4img_2379 img_238011img_2376 28
While a few of the kiddos caught up with finalizing their ornaments, a few of the kids who had already finished started decorating the paper bags the project materials came in. When we told them it was completely OK and there were no rules to decorate the paper bag, their faces lit up like, well, Christmas trees!
8 9 img_2404
Then it was off to creating the snowman greeting card. Some of our favorites //
32 33
Melted Snowman17
Alien Snowman20
Olaf from Frozen21
Neon Color Snowman15
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Towards the end of the class, the helium team was exhausted, but oh so happy. And the kids were over the moon. We all had fun and can’t wait until the next helium inspires art project!
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Shoot us a message if you are interested in having helium inspires volunteer at your school or organization to bring art to kids. We are always looking for additional volunteers, sponsors, and donors! Contact us for more information and follow our adventures on Facebook!