helium is in the news! We’re honored to be featured in a recent issue of the Sun Sentinel. We usually feel shy and don’t toot our own horn, but seeing our name pop up on such a big platform as the Sun Sentinel makes us take a moment to really evaluate the impact of our work. It’s a testament to the value we bring our clients through our tested brand development + design process, all while absolutely loving what we do for each and every project.
Check out the full article below, which goes into how we create award-winning brand campaigns for luxury real estate projects. Happy reading!
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Fort Lauderdale’s helium creative develops award-winning real estate branding campaigns

Over the last dozen years, helium creative, the Fort Lauderdale-based brand development and design studio, has become a leader in luxury real estate branding. This year alone the company’s creative design team took home a total of 10 awards [out of 25 total] for real estate-focused projects.

Stemming from a love of architecture and design, helium creative’s focus is on creating unique branded experiences for the real estate and hospitality industries. Founder and Creative Director, Christopher Heller, says that he “saw a disconnect, a need in the market to approach design from a different perspective.”

Heller set out to develop a “brand-centric design studio that creates unique positioning to set a brand foundation that evokes an emotion and a feeling. At the end of the day, we can all see design and say ‘this is pretty’ or ‘this is great, ’ but what is the feeling, the memory you’re going to have from interacting with something?”

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So how does helium creative continually create a unique brand strategy, story, brand identity, digital and print collateral for luxury development projects? Especially when to the outsider, the properties may all seem similar, apart from location.

We are living in an era of subtle nuances, where little details make all the difference. When looking at the shelves in any store there are a plethora of items to choose from. How do you decide to purchase the iPhone vs. the Galaxy?

With luxury real estate it’s all about creating a branded experience that connects with the consumer: The creation of a lifestyle people aspire to live, then identifying the main unique selling proposition creates a solid platform on which to compose the story and identify key terms to form the brand strategy.

In real estate, the success of a project often is based on location, location, location. And many times location does dictate the initial direction of the brand. For instance, the award-winning campaign for Bijou Bay Harbor, a boutique luxury residential tower, was positioned around ‘Paradise Found’ because of its location on Bay Harbor Island in Miami, a residential destination hidden in plain sight at the edge of Biscayne Bay. Had the property not been on an island, the brand strategy would have needed to go in a different direction, tell a different story.

An essential component of a successful campaign is selecting the right lifestyle photography; imagery that resonates with the consumer and is then woven with great messaging and killer design elements for an emotional connection. It gives life to the story, to the brand. The residential unit is no longer a piece of property – it becomes a home, a place where memories are created, and ultimately a place you want to invest in.

Of course the property features, the architect, interior designer, amenities and established brand perception all contribute to the overall experience. But how it is visually communicated is what captures attention. And helium creative specializes in doing just that – creating impactful brand experiences through inspired design to connect with an audience.

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helium creative is a branding and design studio creating dynamic, personified brands for clientele who value an in-depth, collaborative approach. With a fine-arts emphasis on design, synergistic client relationships, and a tailored branding process, helium creative offers unconventional solutions for impactful brand experiences.

With over 50 awards, this creative studio offers a multitude of services that cover all bases, making helium a one-stop shop for brand development, identity, strategy, and digital and print marketing.

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