The helium team has a confession to make this holiday season. We’re in love – with our holiday card. This is true love. The kind that makes you giddy and fluttery just by laying eyes on the object of your affection. We just can’t stop looking at our own holiday cards!
For 2016, we decided we’d dedicate our holiday card to a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts – our non-profit dedicated bringing art education back into the classroom, helium inspires. We wanted to share with our community just how cool helium inspires is and give them a token of inspiration by introducing the helium inspires coin project – a project dedicated to showing how inspiration is contagious.
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We started by having a little pow wow to come up with the concept and taking a good peruse through Pinterest to gather some holiday inspiration. Then it was off to sketching.
Our super talented designer, Kelly, came up with a few concepts to choose from on pencil + paper. We chose a concept that would allow us to play with typography, showcase the coin and a kid-decorated ornament – wrapping it all up with, literally, a pretty little bow.
While we starting gathering the materials needed to build the cards [let’s just say, many trips to Michael’s craft store], we also reached out to Croissant Park Elementary to coordinate a holiday-themed art project with a group of about 60 second graders. Among the art projects we organized for the kids, we had them create the hand-colored ornaments we wanted to include in the cards to show just how amazing unreined creativity can be.
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Putting Ryan’s copywriting genius, Kelly’s design skills, and Chris’ creative direction to use with some holiday cheer, the card was designed and sent to print just in time in early December. Shout out to Southeastern for their amazing printing + Zarie Lorow for being our Santa Elf getting us the most amazing kraft paper that holds the card together.
With the absolutely adorable ornaments in hand, we set off to assembling it all together. Assemble, staple, cut, tie, knot, glue, cut, tie, bow, insert, tie, address, stamp + repeat. Each card contained three sheets of smooth-white paper, one sheet of thick kraft paper, one helium inspires coin, one kid-ornament, tons of red + white baker’s twine, a matte black open-ended envelope with tie closure, snowflake USPS stamps + a nifty white ink helium ‘H’.
holiday2 holiday3 holiday9 holiday10 holiday6 holiday5 holiday4
60+ holiday cards later, our yuletide masterpiece was complete!
See more about helium inspires and the inspired coin project here //
And if you didn’t get a chance to see the printed card, check out the digital version we created for our email contact list here // [Not on our list? Email [email protected] with your name and email address.]
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Merry Everything from the helium team!