We recently had the opportunity to create a fresh, new real estate marketing campaign for one of our most successful brands // VistaBlue Singer Island. When we were first brought on to rebrand this luxury beachfront condo in Singer Island, Florida, they had 1 sale in approximately 1 year. Through the teaser and launch campaign efforts, in just over a year, they have $70+ million in sales and 25+ units sold.
And now we’re in the final push before the building opens to residents in a matter of months.
It was as this stage that the developer and sales team reached out to us to conceptualize what the next branding marketing campaign would look like. They had one key theme // ‘The Only.’ They wanted to focus on 3 specific points that made the property unique among other luxury Palm Beach developments. And so, The Only campaign was conceptualized.

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The first step was gathering the key points from the VistaBlue team to get copywriting started. It’s important to gather detailed information that might sound very factual and boring, but we can turn into romanticized ad and website copy.
For them, the three key points where //
1. the only luxury high-rise opening in the Palm Beaches in early 2018
2. above industry average construction quality
3. debt-free development [buyer deposits not used for construction]
That 1st point became the headline of the entire campaign, as it was the hook to catch the attention of both buyers and brokers looking for the next best property in South Florida. From there we brainstormed on a plan on how to communicate these points.
This included //
– a campaign-dedicated landing page to be added to the existing website
– print, digital + social media advertising
– email marketing
– direct mail piece
The landing page was the first to be designed, as it would incorporate most of the design elements and the messaging. Playing off the 3 major talking points, we conceptualized a design that has 3 clear sections. We paired the headline with drone photography helium creative took of the building and surrounding views.
See full landing page HERE.
Something we really wanted to showcase was the side-by-side comparison of the renderings we created for VistaBlue over a year ago and the photography of the finalized model units. This was an excellent way of visually showing the construction quality that is written about throughout each design piece.

The design and messaging was then translated to an eblast announcing the new campaign, print creative and digital banner ads. The call to action being that opening early 2018 wasn’t ‘the only’ difference and encouraging readers to learn more on the landing page we had launched in concurrently with the ads being published.
VistaBlue also partnered with Wall Street Journal to include a direct mailer / insert in one of their publications. Although the mailer touched on the big 3 points, it also focused on selling their only available penthouse.

One of the biggest challenges was going from concept to execution on all of the above on a tight timeline as we were going into real estate advertising season. From start to finish, between the initial conversations and launch of all deliverables, only 6 weeks passed. We absolutely LOVE this campaign and look forward to hearing what reactions they receive.
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