November 16, 2017
An Artsy Halloween // A helium inspires Art Project

A few days before Halloween, the helium team had the opportunity to visit our favorite elementary school, Croissant Park Elementary, for a spooky Halloween-inspired art project with two adorable 1st grade classes. As part of our non-profit, helium inspires – who’s mission is to promote and encourage art education for kids – we brought goody bags with a variety of art supplies to test the kiddos imagination when it came to creating Halloween masks.

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Ryan, our Art Director, was the one to suggest having the students create Halloween masks out of paper plates to encourage their creativity. There’s so much you can do with a simple plate! After gathering the materials, one of our designers, Amanda, made our own little test mask to show the kids one creative option out of many.

And so we were ready! On the day of the art project we walked the kids through the concept and gave them 1 final rule – the most important rule – THERE ARE NO RULES IN ART! Whatever inspired them is what they should make and boy did they get excited to hear that. Hoots and hollers galore.

Take a look at some of the spooky and creative masks these 1st graders banged out:

These kids truly put a smile to our faces, check out these Thank You cards they made in anticipation of our visit:

Reach out to us if you are interested in having helium inspires volunteer at your school or organization to bring art to kids. We are always looking for additional volunteers, sponsors, and donors! Contact us for more information and follow our adventures at!