The Brand Wheel Diagram
There is always that awkward moment at an event or meeting when someone asks what we specialize in. In a split second, our faces go blank as we never quite know just how to answer that seemingly simple question. We do so much, have a hand in just about everything because we love what we do.
But what do we specialize in…?
Touché, sir.
On the spot answers have been a surprise to all of us at one time or another.
Out of the box thinking.
Creative solutions.
Luxury real estate.
Anything and everything that allows us to do our thing.
Impromptu Katy Perry karaoke jam sessions [Ryan…]
But we decided to actually give that question a little attention and figure out what helium creative specializes in. As a creative agency, we do just that – we create – and that is our muscle, it’s the core of what we do and who we are both independently and collectively. But specializing in creative is still a vague answer and not a sturdy platform from which to impress the ladies.
A friend of helium gave us a diagram that outlined the structure of brand marketing. A simple and straightforward [not-so-pretty] illustration that shows a brand at the epicenter of a strategy or marketing initiative. Then there are services that surround the brand to help promote and develop it’s presence. On the outer sphere are the objective specific, strategic services that are implemented to help meet a goal or achieve results.
Seeing a visual depiction of marketing hierarchy showed us just where our passion lies. helium creative truly is a brand-centric agency who specializes in the development of a brand. This simple statement encompasses our love of logo design, the research behind what we do, the strategic planning, connecting, web design, print design, social media, campaign development, photography, art… I’m sure you get the idea.
Building a solid foundation for any brand is crucial when developing it. A company may want to dive right into marketing their service or product, but if the language or very focus of the brand is not in line with long-term success, our overly eager + doe-eyed team will want to jump in a have a little play date to evaluate the strategy, target, design and overall voice of the brand. What works, what doesn’t — and why? Is your core really targeted toward the right demographic? Is the logo effectively communicating who you are? Does the verbiage paint an accurate picture of the company, expressing your goals and objectives?
The idea here is that no one can jump from A to Z without making sure all bases are covered and your best brand-foot is being put forward. We love to find the right shoe that will put a killer pep in your company’s step. The, of course, pair it with some awesome polka dot socks. It’s all about building up, step by step, until your brand has a snazzy outfit.
It’s what we specialize in : )
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