Developing our new studio has offered a great opportunity to focus on elements that make helium smile, while also enhancing the overall experience of our space. Interiors can be one of the most tangible expressions of a brand experience, housing various textures, colors, shapes, music, art and design all in one space. This multisensory extension of a brand creates an energy that can communicate your story on a multitude of levels.
With the build-out of our new studio on Fort Lauderdale Beach we have been able to incorporate a few key themes + elements near and dear to us that revolve around the environment and eco-friendly technology.
We’ve been slightly obsessed with eco-intelligent thermostat producer, Nest, for a few years. A clear passion for their own brand and user experience comes out in flawless product design, while its’ energy efficiency and super smart technology has made Nest a must-have in our studio. Plus it looks pretty sweet.
The studio can be managed from an iPhone, which makes our inner-nerd wide-eyed with excitement. The alarm, thermostat, smoke detector, music and all our management software can be controlled using non other than…[drumroll]…an iPhone. Not only is it convenient, but we have access to everything essential at the studio at all times.
Chris got hands-on salvaging pieces of copper to create a custom light fixture in the bathroom. LED Edison bulbs set an oh-so tranquil mood while kicking back on the toilet. Probably the most entertaining addition to the office is the no-touch flush toilet. Wave your hand over the top right corner and it magically flushes. Now that’s something to smile about as you hang out in the loo.
No helium environment would be complete without a small jungle. We upped the anti and installed a green wall in addition to the usual potted plants. Salvaged barn troughs are being converted into planters outside as well. Google says plants not only improve air quality but can actually decrease the indoor air temperature. Added bonus. Thanks Google.
web_plant_wall copyplant_wall_closeup
Other cool details are a custom bookcase of reclaimed cedar and galvanized steel pipes, a cedar plank wall behind Chris’ desk, polished concrete floors, and an exposed cinder block wall. This balance of wood, plants, metal, concrete and refined elements creates a balance that is true to our overall studio intention. Refined meets rustic. Organic meets the man-made. Finding the natural balance and harmony of things; whether through design, brand development, or personal expression.
bookshelf copy
The studio is truly a reflection of our brand. We’re thrilled we could incorporate these eco-tech elements that enhance the helium experience. We’d love for you to stop by sometime soon!