July 6, 2012
what smart people do before breakfast!


Chaos in the morning is nothing short of a buzz kill. helium creative is composed of a couple recovered insomniacs who have started to learn that the benefits of a good night sleep and early morning rise can do wonders for the day to day blah blah blah and your overall sanity.  Thanks to an article we recently picked up by Laura Vanderdam, there are a few essential components to a successful morning routine that has apparently been kept behind lock and key since the dawn of man.  It helped us out, so naturally helium creative is happy to share the wealth with our fine friends out there.
 1.  Track your Time.  You can’t plan your morning if you don’t know how those minutes are being wasted and ultimately affecting you.  As Vanderdam puts it, “The solution to morning dilemmas often lies at other times of the day.”  The reason those not-so-fancy bags are under your eyes and you find yourself using your mouse pad as a pillow during the day could very well be because you were watching marathon episodes of Chopped until midnight. Keep a log of how you are spending those precious seconds and then figure out how to prioritize and find a solution.   DVR your shows, say goodnight to your Facebook fans around 9 p.m. (yes, it can be done), tell mom you love her but you’ll talk tomorrow. And most importantly, no more late night runs to 7-11 for a midnight Ben and Jerry’s rendezvous – or is that just one gluttonous designer at helium who shall remain nameless?  Ryan.  Woops.
2.  Picture Perfect.  Ok so you know how time is being spent.  Now get your creative juices flowing and try to envision your perfect morning.  In an ideal world where you could accomplish anything you set your mind to, what would that rise and shine, “hello world” couple of hours look like?  Make a list of things you could do in the morning that would make you feel good and energized.
helium creative suggestions:
•  Put your pants on first and foremost.  Or don’t.  It’s up to you, really.
•  Exercise.
•  Meditate.
•  Journal.
•  Read a daily reflection passage.
•  Give a little prayer to whatever you believe in.
•  Sketch something.
•  Read the paper (we prefer USA Today on our iPhone)
•  Check out helium’s website to see our vast list of stellar services and killer portfolio :).  We’re shameless.
Basically do anything that does not involve checking email, making work related calls or jumping immediately into the shower and getting ready for the day.  You deserve at least an hour to start your morning off doing something that will help you find balance and the inner confidence you need to skip through the 8+ hour stretch ahead.
3.  Make it Happen.  What do you need to do to get the ball rolling?  It’s great to think about the possibilities, but now you gotta do it.  One thing helium creative has learned is that you can over think the world, but it gets you nowhere.  So find a better alarm clock or set your iTunes to your Morning Playlist.  Preferably with tracks by Adele, Moby, The Gossip, Junior Boys, Scissor Sisters, Al Green or maybe a little Jack Johnson.  And you can never go wrong with The Beatles.  Or anything by Radiohead.  The point is to start off on a good foot and not feel like you’re adding to your morning, but rather enhancing it.
According to legend, it takes a few weeks to build a steady routine — so don’t give up, sailor – keep at it.  Especially being a creative bunch, helium aims to start off the day on a positive note to help keep our minds open and the creativity flowing.