We had a great run in the Progresso Building, but have outgrown our space and are eagerly looking forward to our new office in Fort Lauderdale’s budding art community, FAT Village.  The new digs will be a mash up of art gallery and helium HQ.  We are firm believers in rolling with the tide and keeping an ear open to the universe – so when we were asked to join forces with the community over in FAT Village, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to match our professional growth with spatial growth.  Not to mention Chris is salivating at the opportunity to design the new office interior.  Apparently he missed his calling as an interior designer and has already mapped out the new space with furniture, paint swatches and a layout.  The artist never stops working!  We are very eager to get our hands dirty and make this new house our home!  And what is a move without a party?  Stay tuned for details on a laid back, not so fancy shmancy office warming party once we settle in!