Typography can either make or break a design piece, but it seems to be an afterthought in many people’s creative processes.
A font is much more than something you pick from a drop down list in your software; there is history behind every typeface and the design of these typefaces communicate something about the era they were created in and the culture that surrounded them at the time. Each letterform is unique and has elements that give it a different feel from others, this is what makes a certain typeface appropriate for one use but not another.
When choosing a font it is important to consider things like the history of the font and when it was created. The font below called Shelley Script, was designed by Matthew Carter in 1972 for the linotype machine. This machine produces an entire line of metal type at once. The font works well as display type and has an elegance about it. It is often used on greeting cards, invitations, packaging, etc.
Typography is a very broad subject and is constantly changing, there is always something new to discover and consider when about letterforms and typesetting. Each time one of our designers considers the font for a specific piece they consider the various elements of the type and make sure that we use the most appropriate one for the piece. The team of creative geniuses at helium creative loves typography, we love the history, we love the story it tells and we love how it can completely change a design piece and give each piece of creative that special something!