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March 18, 2013
the secret to a successful website

One of the main goals when we create a website is […drumroll please…] to keep a user there for as long as possible. [Shocker, right?]   But in today’s world everyone is so busy multitasking that it’s hard to focus our attention on one thing for very long.  In fact, there are about 12 screens open on this very monitor right now.  A Skype chat in process. 2 emails being drafted.  A cup of coffee being gulped down.  And, of course, a pair of shoes being purchased online.  Guilty.  Our point being, if you do not capture the attention of a visitor almost immediately on your website, they’re clicking through to somewhere else. Or talking on the phone. Or watching YouTube. Or admiring the helium creative portfolio.  The latter being greatly appreciated 😉
We say that you need to grab someone’s attention immediately. And you do.  But this great feat won’t be achieved by flashy graphics, psychedelic images, intro pages, or streaming in your favorite Florence + the Machine track. Instead, we create an experience rich with content [content is key] that works alongside great design and imagery. Hooking visitors to your site becomes that much more important if the purpose is to encourage a sale or promote a service. You have to wine and dine the human mind. Psych 101 meets Design Theory.
It’s said that human beings think with both “sides” of the brain, but each side is completely different from the other. The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, emotion and subjectivity. While the left side of the brain is responsible for logical and analytical thought. Each of these elements are important to consider when designing a website. Everything from intuitive navigation, to engaging copy and selecting color + graphics that will visually communicate the brand, products or services without flashing a neon sign.
helium creative has the best of both realms.  our team carries the creative smarts and the strategic intelligence to keep websites not only fresh, but user friendly and effective in results. Check out our portfolio for examples of previous sites where we have put these practices to use!