August 3, 2017
The Hetty House // helium’s Airbnb Experience

helium creative took on an exciting opportunity in Spring 2017 – to create a fully branded experience for an Airbnb in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
A complete home renovation on a historic property from 1840, helium’s Creative Director + President, Christopher Heller used his love for design and began working on this 4-month renovation – from kitchen to attic. This is helium’s first fully-immersive and livable branded experience.

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After some research, we discovered the house was originally owned by Ms. Hetty, the housekeeper and caretaker for President James Buchanan. After his presidency, he gave her $7,500 to purchase a property. Our goal was to pay homage to the legacy and integrity of the home, restoring many of the original features – mosaic, wood floors, and chandeliers.

We created an identity and design collateral to support the overall vision, aptly naming the property The Hetty House. It’s no secret we love Lancaster, Pennsylvania – a city with a downtown steeped in booming culture and robust history with killer design scattered throughout. Our goal is to partner with local shops, cafes, and restaurants to offer Hetty House guests a sample of Lancaster sourced products, cross promoting these businesses.

Whenever we work with a real estate project, we emphasize the importance a brand has on the buyer experience and ultimate sale. Not just an identity, but the language, messaging, photography, feeling, and sensory interaction. With The Hetty House, we paid close attention to detail – from the moment a guest enters to their farewell. Curated music upon arrival, a selection of local sourced goodies, a handwritten greeting, and tailored scents are just a few of the branded points of interaction.

A photo is worth a thousand words, so check out the images and see the end result. And if you’re ever looking to take a trip to Lancaster, stay at The Hetty House!

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