There’s a common look of horror in many an eye when the talk of “being creative” enters the dialogue.  People are quick to write themselves off as being entirely bound to their left brain, shuddering at the thought of utilizing their creative juices. Mainly because said folk feel that if they can’t paint, draw, sculpt or write the next great American novel then they are not “the creative type”.
That’s stupid.
helium recently took a trip to San Francisco for the HOW Design Conference. One of the main lectures that we sat in on really blew some minds by stating that “Creativity can be learned.” Chuckles whispered through the room while minds began to open to the possibility.
Simply put: Creativity is a muscle that needs workin’ while all the other stuff is skill. Creativity is how you get there. The solution, the problem solving, the crafty maneuvers taken to bypass obstacles or gain a new perspective.
So I’m guilty of DVRing countless episodes of Chopped on The Food Network. I realized I quickly formed a rather unhealthy addiction to the show, spending lost days watching back to back episodes. Mind you my cooking ability was mediocre, relying mainly on the same staple of ingredients or basic preparations. But something happened as I watched this show where chefs were given a select number of bizarre mystery ingredients, having to create all-star meals within a short duration of time. Ox Tail, Gummy Bears, Coke and Lima Beans could be paired together, challenging the chefs to create an out of the box, gourmet dish on the fly.
The constant repetition of Chopped got me to open my pantry and start seeing things a bit differently.  Without realizing it, I began challenging myself to create meals by transforming ingredients from their inherent form. I started to understand layering flavors, balancing ingredients and presentation.
By no means did I begin my little culinary adventure with any skill or knowledge whatsoever. But by hearing experts talk about flavors and watch them alter ingredients, my culinary chops flexed their biceps. I grew creatively by watching and learning, then ultimately applying.
Whatever profession or passion you have, there is a level of creativity that applies to absolutely everything we do as human beings.  We face challenges everyday, having to make decisions and accomplish goals based upon those obstacles. That problem solving, the thought process that gets you from point A to point B is the very foundation of creative ingenuity.  Whether it is persuasion, manipulation, creation, organization, conversation…Any “ation” for that matter.
+ The nurse who tries to get a patient to laugh in a bleak situation.
+ The mom who makes dinner for her kids every night with only what’s in the pantry.
+ The cab driver who has to get a client to the airport using back roads so he’s not late.
+ The accountant who finds ways to shave money off your taxes. [Thanks, Elliot!]
+ The teacher who’s able to get her students excited about Calculus.
+ The hiker who figures out a way to save his life by drinking his own urine and sawing off his arm. [awesome movie btw]
helium is a creative agency at our core. We aim to set a higher creative standard. That’s what we say, right? But what does that mean? We are a studio that is passionate about finding solutions, changing the way we see things, the way you see things. We get off on exercising that muscle and letting it bleed into everything we do. It is the best way to learn, to grow and to remain inspired day to day. Creativity keeps life interesting and turns challenges into opportunities. A shift in perspective by finding a creative solution, goal or challenge in any circumstance flexes that muscle, allowing room for growth and inspiration.