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September 5, 2013
i guess the title of this blog can be "discovery"?

I’m not really sure what this blog is going to be about. I know I need to write one today but nothing is coming. I threw out a few topics that came to my head after a bit of deliberation:
+ Cross curriculum integration – merging different passions into one profession
+ How we’ve been interviewing people and they all say the same thing, but such as life you never know what you’re gonna get until you try
+ Focus – a not so easy task for this recovering ADD monster
+ Inspiration blah blah blah
So after a lukewarm response to the aforementioned topics from both myself and Chris, my conclusion is to not write about anything that takes much deliberation. What’s the point, right? I’m pulling ideas outta my ass just to fulfill a self-imposed deadline. But that’s not really fair to me or to you. I’m gonna force myself to write about something that I could give a shit about, and you’re going to read something that will ultimately be a complete waste of your time. Then my anxious mind starts to wander the gutter for a spell: My loyal and devout helium blog audience will think I’m a crappy writer. That there’s no passion behind my disjointed and sad attempt at cynical, witty banter. Because suddenly there’s an audience consisting of more than just my mother and father who are reading this right now.  Hi Mom and Dad! 🙂
So this blog has now got me thinking about two things:
1. Don’t do anything unless you believe in it 100% and can commit all the way.
No matter what you do — design, teaching, cooking, prostitution — commit to it. Be the best darn prostitute you can be because you absolutely love it.  And with that, give yourself 100% always. The only way I can commit completely is by feeling passionate. By learning something new, getting my ego stroked ever so gently, directly helping someone or something, believing in the cause, or a combination of all of the above. Anything below 100% is subpar and not only will it begin to feel like a chore, but others will quickly pick up on your half-assitude. [I am coining that term now.]
2. Free association is by far one of my favorite tools when facing mental constipation.
Not doing is way more debilitating than doing and failing then doing again. Staring at a blank canvas and wondering what to paint breeds nothing but indecision, self doubt, worry, fear and an accumulation of ideas that leads to absolutely nowhere. [Or maybe that’s just me.] So throw paint on the canvas. Spill coffee on it. Shoot a dart through it.  Light it on fire. Often times the mind needs to play, to free verse, to explore or experiment in order to start making sense out of nonsense. Generating a new idea can be really daunting when you go into it thinking that you have to generate a new idea. So with this blog, I just started to write about pretty much nothing, allowing the randomness to lead to discovery.
And like magic…like a lightning bolt of evolutionary genius, I have not one but TWO topics that I feel strongly about. Both of which seem to go hand in hand because I say so.
Which leads me to a third point:
3. Don’t drag something on when the point has been made. Go out on a high.  [And no, not because there’s nothing left to be said. Believe me there is always more to be said. But short and sweet can speak volumes.]
So just like that, this blog has been written, posted and shared.