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October 3, 2013
tell the story

As planned, I was going to write this blog on what we gained from going to the Circles Conference in Dallas.  I went so far as to outline what I was going to write by taking verbal notes on my iPhone voice recorder like a total pro nerd. This entry had the makings of a real winner – touching on following your passion, the importance of family, blah blah blah.
But that shit ain’t happening.
This hypothetical, life-changing blog was continuously put on the back burner because time seemed to slip away as I found myself spending 12 hour days at our studio, staring at a monitor or talking to clients and vendors on the phone. Answering emails. Scheduling projects. Troubleshooting.
[Hold on the phone is ringing now.]
The time that I had to design or write completely dissipated and I now find myself working extra hours, juggling more work but reaping very little reward. My normally eager creative mind is slowly withering like the 6 day-old white roses I received for my anniversary last week. Poetic. 🙁
One project had the ability to completely consume time, energy, hours and perfectly good opportunities to watch the new Fall Season lineup. Thank God for DVR, but it’s just not the same. FYI the new season of Revenge started last week. Just saying. But where was I? 500 NW 1 Ave.  Also known as the helium creative studio.
I want to get mad. I want to whine like a baby and curse like a sailor. And I do. But that’s not the point. The point is although I can get very easily caught up in the moment, in wanting to punch some faces or get gangsta up in huurrr, at the end of the day nothing changes if nothing changes. I have to shift my perspective.
What I started to realize was that even though this project has grown into a giant crazy, I have learned more from these past few weeks of insanity than I had in awhile. Not only professionally, but personally as well. Finding the silver lining in these circumstances can sometimes feel worse than what’s actually going on. Find the good in something when I’m sitting oh-so comfortable on my pity pot? Hell no. But when the perspective actually shifts, I begin to see the bigger picture. That this small blip of a moment in time is really just part of a larger whole. These sour times [which is the title of an awesome Portishead song btw] have an end and also serve a purpose. Makes me bigger + badder + stronger + and ready for the next big thing that comes my way.
I was always the kind of person who wanted to run. When times got tough and I felt overwhelmed by whatever – a relationship, a project, an awful finale to Dexter – I was ready to say the big F it. I’m out. Done. But there was never any personal growth when I was constantly running. No time to actually stew in a situation, marinate, let my innards boil and get my skin nice and crispy. I was never a well developed meal, always just raw or under seasoned meat. [It’s 9:54pm. I’m still at the office and have not had dinner. My analogies have clearly gone down a culinary route.]
What’s pretty cool is that this whole rant actually does tie into what I gained from the Circles Conference, I guess I’m just taking a different route to deliver it. I am passionate about life. About growing as a person and learning everyday. Whether it be in design, how I see the world or simply how I relate to others. The desire to better myself is always there, the need to never be stagnant and keep developing myself as an upstanding citizen of this here world we live in.
One of my favorite speakers at the Circles Conference wrapped up her talk with a message that hit home:
Tell The Story.
I think that is an awesome way to close this out.
Megan Gilger of Wild Measure and The Fresh Exchange Blog wrote this message for her presentation that made some sparks fly in my little brain.
the helium team outside of the Circles Conference 🙂
Our front row seats during the conference. Taking notes and doodling.
That’s right. I’m official.