It all began when photographer Susan Buzzi met with helium’s art director Ryan, to show him her landscape photography in hopes of exhibiting her work in the helium creative studio as a part of Project Fine Art and the FATVillage ARTWALK. Ryan flipped through Susan’s portfolio and came upon her portraits of breast cancer survivors. “This is it,” he said, “you have to show these.” Susan had already shown her portraits of breast cancer survivors six times, but agreed to a seventh installation at helium creative to honor the women’s struggle, to raise consciousness about this terrible disease and then celebrate and share remarkable victories.
Buzzi presented more than 40 large format, black and white portraits shot on film and developed in the laundry room at her home in Tamarac. The images are presented in white matting and simple black, rectangular frames accompanied by a written account of each survivor’s story.
Viewing the breast cancer survivor portraits
To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month we partnered with Ms. Buzzi to host a fundraiser for The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation on Friday, October 10th, so the survivors could enjoy their portraits in a festive, celebratory atmosphere. We solicited donations from local businesses to ensure the event’s success and were overwhelmed by the community’s generosity. Many wonderful sponsors made the event possible including food donations from Whole Foods Market, Grady’s Bar & Grill, Quarterdeck on Cordova, La Bella’s Delights, beverages from Blue Martini & Tuscany Wines, printing of all promotional materials by Fast Printz on Oakland Park Blvd, flowers from Victoria Park Flower Studio, Gold Coast Publications, pop up boutiques and auction donations from LaLa Couture & Tiger Blossom, Acacia and PR by Blue Daisy Media. The event would not have been possible without their generosity; we truly thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
The evening consisted of the beautiful photographic documentary, a live chalk wall on which attendees wrote messages, pink tribute stones to commemorate loved ones, speakers including Susan Buzzi, Coconut Creek Vice Mayor Becky Tooley and Russell Silverman, the Executive Director of The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, followed by a raffle and live auction to raise funds for the Foundation.
Survivor leaving a message
guests at the helium creative fundraiser for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation
Tribute stones
Guests listening to speakers at helium creative
Live auction at helium creative
breast cancer survivor toast
Susan Buzzi at helium creative
We were so grateful to have been able to raise funds for The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation; a cause that is of particular importance to the helium creative family.
helium creative donates to the florida breast cancer foundation