October 24, 2014
inside the tank: Veer Towers branding process

For this month’s look inside the tank we’re giving you a peek at a project we’re VERY excited about; Veer Towers on the Las Vegas strip. The Veer Towers are a set of twin 37-story, 480-foot residential buildings offering exquisite condominiums in the heart of Citycenter, Las Vegas’ ultimate destination for dining, gaming, shopping & entertainment. Incomparable amenities and an unbeatable location come together for an enviable lifestyle that takes luxury in an exciting new direction. Blah, blah, blah.
I know what you’re thinking; another luxury building on the Las Vegas strip, big deal. This my friends, is a big deal. First off, the architecture alone is amazing. The two towers were designed by Murphy/Jahn Architects of Chicago and lean in opposite directions (five degrees from center; literally veering). Every residence has a view of the Las Vegas skyline. Lobbies and public spaces were developed by Francisco Gonzalez Pulido and showcase works by natural light. Dianna Wong Architecture & Interior Design designed the residences. While we can spit out all of these facts and proclaim it’s beauty one still can’t really get emotionally attached to Veer Towers without imagery and copy; that’s where helium comes in.
The helium creative team took a field trip to visit the Veer Towers in Las Vegas to get fully immersed in the Veer experience. The team toured the building, model condominium units and the amenities, checked out the competition and explored what Vegas and the surrounding environ has to offer in terms of lifestyle. Afterwards, discussion and brainstorming ensued where the team realized that Veer Towers offer not only a 360 degree view of the Las Vegas strip but a 360 degree lifestyle. From the luxury, glitz, and glam of fine dining, night clubs, gambling and shows to mountains, camping and hiking to movie night in the comfort of your own home, Veer Towers offer a standard of living encompassing everything and more.
How does one convey that with a brand? It starts with a super fun brainstorming session where the team members contribute his or her initial impressions, word associations and feelings about the brand.
Words that became central to the Veer campaign are motivation, energy and balance.
helium creative branding mood board veer towers
helium creative branding mood board for Veer Towers
Identification of statements that convey the emotion of the brand; in this instance “Some people choose to follow, others are born to veer” and “Why live a good life, when you can live the best life” help to create a connection between prospective buyers and the product. The designer working on the project then develops a mood board with inspirational images and potential marketing material concepts.
In closing helium creative would like to introduce you to Veer Towers, A 360 degree Lifestyle.
helium creative ad concept for Veer Towers